Metabolic shift diet plan
Clinically tested metabolic shift diet plan

This is a clinically tested metabolic shift diet plan designed to optimize metabolism. It trains individuals to keep track of their total wellness, taking weight loss as a journey.

This meal plan will help you keep track of your vegetable intake, fruit intake, water intake and carbohydrate intake.

It has more of plant proteins and white meat is put into consideration. The only time you will have red meat is during lunch or breakfast, not more than twice a week.

  • Weight loss:

Most people struggling with weight loss don’t understanding that optimal metabolism is key. People fail to realize that understanding total wellness is better than following fad diets obtained online.

This meal plan is formulated by professionals in the study of clinical nutrition and dietetics   who have handled clients for over 10 years and understand what works.

Another factor to consider in this meal plan is that portions are reduced to provide a calorie deficit. No one can lose weight by taking extra calories in every meal and living a sedentary lifestyle.

Anything that slows metabolism and makes it hard to lose weight like, unwarranted detoxing, fad dieting, time of meals, sleep patterns, lack of exercise, skipping of meals and sedentary lifestyles will be a thing of the past to everyone who want to lose weight naturally and make it a journey to health.

The diet plan contains  2 large meals in a day that is standard breakfast as it’s the most important meal of the day, lunch and a  3rd meal containing low carbohydrate as  digestion is slow as the day goes by.

Another side of the meal plan is the two snacks incorporated as water and a fruit to maintain the body alkalinity and avoid extreme acid production that can cause digestive system issues over time if timing is not adhered to.

  • Some of the complications many people with slow metabolism present include:

Heartburn, #constipation, #gastritis, #nausea, general body weaknesses, low #sex drive, afternoon body weakness, #thyroid complications, #hormonal imbalances, lack of hunger in the morning, #flatulence, #PMS, #depression and anxiety syndrome, #hair loss, #brittle nails, #inconsistent sleep pattern or wakefulness in the middle of the night, #infertility issues, mood swings, #irritable bowel syndrome and feeling irritable.