Book for the next nutrition mentorship sessions online on webinar or zoom now. This program was started to make it easier to obtain relevant information on how to succeed and stay connected in the holistic nutrition career. Ideally, not everyone has a privilege to find a traditional mentor. One is able to learn, grow and not feel so alone in the profession. Again, this program helps every nutritionist to jump start their careers.

Our mentorship board is made up of a team of professional nutritionist with over 15 years of practical experience. We teach and coach on:

  • Personal development and life skills.
  • Career development
  • Holistic nutrition topics
  • Supportive nutrition community engagement.
  • Corporate readiness
  • Contract proposal writing
  • Nutrition practices in the market place
  • Networking with nutrition professionals
  • Supplementation and nutrition
  • Knowledge and research.

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    Available are April-June 2022 bookings.

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