Are you looking to lose weight, increase weight or improve your general health and wellness?

1. To maintain a well desired weight, we require sustainable diets that are locally Available, Affordable, Accessible and practical.

A. Our aim is to guide you as our client to shift focus to a healthier option by knowing what you should do, need to do, and when to do it in terms of balance, variety, frequency of feeding, timing, method of cooking, portion control, light activity and enough sleep.

Let’s also try to avoid fad diets since they are not clinically guided and majorly are confusing if not from a certified nutritionist/dietician. We provide the best solutions for all diets whether increasing or reducing weight and remaining healthy at the end of the program. Majorly, every client needs to understand that each individual should eat according to their body composition since each person has a different age, height weight, BMI, and different activity factor.

These factors are considered for each individual hence individuals should understand that diet duplication does not work when they all download same diet plans online expecting different results. We individualize all diet plans through proper calculations and disburse within 24hours to our respective clients.


    What is your goal

    What your preferences in eating?

    Describe your activity factor

    Get your complete calculated diet for 7 days and repeat this after every 7 days for 1 month before your next review or next diet online request with lesser calories if you will have reached your first month goal of adding or losing 2- 2.5kg a month as required clinically.

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