Welcome to Neo-Nutrition Solutions Ltd

Neo-nutrition Solutions Ltd is made up of a team of experienced Clinical Nutritionists who consult to individuals as well as the health care industry and corporate groups. We make strategic changes in the shaping of dietary considerations of all individuals’ dietary habits that contributes to a lifestyle free from non-communicable diseases. NNS gives wellness programs to corporates, institutions, participating in community programs and one on one counseling to meet individual objectives on diet modification. We offer knowledge based training and doing assessments to individuals to enlighten them on their wellness status. the assessments include;

  • Body mass index,
  • Blood pressure,
  • Blood sugars,
  • Body water percentage,
  • Waist hip ratio and
  • Daily Kilo calorie intake calculation,
  • Body fats measure,
  • Visceral fats measure,
  • Bone mass,
  • Muscle mass and
  • Lipid profiles and
  • Middle upper arm circumference respectively.

Our main goal is to bring in positive deviation to nutrition and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. We help institutions, organization, communities and individuals at large to understand the role of nutrition in addressing prevention and control of emerging disease trend. Our health talks energize you in the working environment, engage your employees and provide all people with flexibility that they need with Zero diseases.


Neo-Nutrition Solutions Ltd is a licensed firm by Kenya Nutrition and Dietetics Institute(KNDI), and duly registered under the Companies Act of Kenya (Cap 486). Having worked in various institutions and organization as listed at the far end of our profile, we are promising to give first hand information in nutrition and lifestyle with the aim of improving your health lifestyles. Our Clinical Nutritionists and dietitians are registered with the nutrition board as well.

Our experience in various hospitals and community set ups show our competence in providing nutrition information to individuals, communities, institutions and corporates.
NNS Nutritionists are all MSC and BSC holders with more than 15 years of working experience


To provide preventive and curative nutrition support services that are acceptable and affordable to all individuals at all times.


To have a nation that embraces positive change in health and nutrition lifestyle.


  1. Dietary management of Diabetes.
  2. Dietary management of Hypertension.
  3. Dietary management of Anemia and pregnant and lactating mothers advice on diet.
  4. Dietary management of Arthritis.
  5. Managing difficulties in swallowing
  6. Obesity management physical activity advice

7. Liver disease management
8. Rota virus advice
9. Urinary tract infection management.
10. Cancer prevention diet
11. Peptic ulcers disease management
12. Gastritis management
13. Constipation and Heartburn management.

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